Top 7 Places to visit in Lugano, Switzerland

Top 7 Places to visit in Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano is a beautiful tourist city located in the south of Switzerland, near the Lugano Lake. According to recent statistics, Lugano is the 9th largest city in the country and the third financial power after Zurich and Geneva. In this beautiful city, besides beautiful tourist attractions that you can visit, you will find over 100 banks, a detail that’s impressive for a city of 50,000 inhabitants. As expected, Lugano has an airport with daily flights to Geneva and Zurich and excellent rail links that will get you to the most important locations in the country.

If travel to these places you will soon learn that most locals speak Italian, since Lugano is the largest Italian speaking city outside of Italy. If you don’t know this Latin language don’t worry, you’ll manage to find your way with English.

Top 7 places to visit in Lugano

Here’s a collection of some of the best places that you can visit if you found yourself in the city.

Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano
Just like Lake Léman from Geneve, once you arrive to the city you should rest for 30 minutes near the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is something romantic about the waters of this city that reminds me Venice. If you want the extra-experience, take a cruise on the lake with the boat. (image source:

Parco San Grato Lugano

Parco San Grato
Just like the lake, this park is perfect for a short resting place that will allow you to charge your batteries. The dazing colors of the flowers and the captivating background with water and mountains make this botanical garden the best place to rest your mind and to immerse your thoughts into the beauty of the city. (image source:


Piazza della Riforma

This open area represents the heart of the city where you can have a quick coffee or a delicious launch. Don’t be shy to enter the city hall and admire some of the representations of the old town or to enter the shops and get a nice souvenir for your loved ones.


Miniatur Swiss Museum of Melide
This is an open air museum that houses over 120 representative buildings of Switzerland , made in the smallest detail , at small scale. (image source:

Zoo Al Maglio

Zoo Al Maglio
This small zoo is located on the banks of the River Magliasina family. The wildlife ecosystem of the Park gathers over 100 animals and birds from different regions of the world ( leopards, lions , tigers , monkeys , panthers , parrots and a variety of exotic birds ). (image source:

Cattedrale S.Lorenzo

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo
Located between the lake and the railway station, this monument that was built in 1078 combines perfectly two architectural styles: Renaissance and Baroque. This is the perfect place to find your peace after walking for hours in the old city.

(image source:

Museum of Cultures
If you read other articles from this website you know that I’m a big fans of history and art. This is museum gathers an impressive collection of artifacts and cultural items from the islands located near New Guinea. The entire tour will take you about an hour.

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