How is the climate and temperature in Switzerland?

How is the climate and temperature in Switzerland?


If you are planning to visit Switzerland, you should know that the best time to visit this beautiful country depends on what you plan to do. Switzerland has a pleasant climate, with the snow-covered Alps that remain white most of the year. If you prefer adventure or winter sports then you should plan your vacation between December and March. It is the perfect season to enjoy skiing, snowboarding or ice skating in tourist resorts such as Gstaad or St. Moritz. You can also consider the less known Val d’Anniviers, located on the border with France. See the 10 best places to visit is Switzerland.

In order to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and landscapes of the Swiss, you should buy your travel tickets for the summer season. From June to September you will enjoy the finest views eyes can witness, since it is the season when alpine passes are open and you can experience the best of nature has to offer. Along with mountain resorts during winter, summer is the peak of tourist season, being pretty crowded.

The summer temperatures rarely rises above 25 degrees Celsius, which is pretty nice if you’re not into high temperatures. Autumn is the perfect time for picnics, the time when the Alps offers the most colorful range of colors that you can think of. May and October are considered the low season months, with the lowest prices on the market. The fresh air could be considered the main attraction here. Even in the summer months, during which time the foehn wind whips in mountainous regions, invigorating the area. Summer temperatures are clustered between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, while in winter, depending on altitude, descending far below freezing.

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