10 Images of Places worth seeing in Geneve

10 Images of Places worth seeing in Geneve

I’m going to share 10 images taken in the last 2 years in my travels to Geneve. I love the city, with all its crowded places, with its attractions and with its nice citizens. Although the city is one of the most dangerous of Switzerland, I never felt that danger while I was taking a walk in the old city, or when I was taking the bus to go from Petit Lancy to Palais de Nations. You will meet many types of people in Geneve, but if you mind your own business, everything will be fine. at

The image were taken in a small Zoo Park from Petit Lancy, in the center of the city, at Cathédrale Saint-Pierre in the old city, some pictures are taken on Lemann lake, on Saleve and at the entry of Bastions Park.

Geneve Park

Geneve, Center of City

Geneve, Switzerland Images

Geneve, Switzerland, Water

Geneve, Switzerland

Geneve, Switzzerland

Geneve, Water




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