How to get from Milano Bergamo Airport to Geneve

How to get from Milano Bergamo Airport to Geneve

In this article, I will cover few ways that allows you to go from Milani Bergamo Airport to Geneve.

By Train
Just outside the arrivals terminal, you will find the shuttle bus station. You don’t need to book in advance the tickets, you will find various shuttle buses that will take you to Milano Centrale for 5 euros. Just ask the driver about the ticket, the destination and the departure time. The bus ride to Milano Centrale takes around 50 minutes. If you arrive by plane before 7 AM, you might be able to get to Geneve by 13:00 hour.

Once you have arrived to Milano Centrale, you need to get a ticket from the vending machines (it’s faster!). There are multiple trains that go from Milano Centrale to Geneve. We recommend Getting the EuroCity 32 – from Milano Centrale to Geneve, a train that’s all about comfort and speed. At the time I writing this article, it costs 85 euros and it departs at the following hours 8:32, 12:32 and 17:23. Of course, you will also find other routes that involve changing trains. Check prices and trains here. Once you get to the train platforms, you will learn that the EuroCity 32 is located in the left. If you bought your ticket from the train station, don’t forget to validate your ticket before getting into the train. If you bought the ticket online, you don’t need to validate it. Just make sure you have it printed.

In my experience, once you get past the Italian custom, you will have to go through security check.

By Bus
A cheaper alternative is to travel by bus. You will need to get to Milano Centrale with the shuttle bus (5 euro ticket). From there, you will need to go to Lampugnano Metro Station. You can buy the ticket from the vending machines for 1.5 Euros. You should get the M3 Metro (direction San Donato) to Duomo station, and from there switch to M1 Metro (direction Rho Fieramilano) until Lampugnano station.

From Lampugnano, you will find the bus station right outside the Metro Station. The best buses to go to Geneve are OuiBus and FlixBus. If you manage to book a direct bus, the journey will take approximately 4:30 hours. It will arrive in Gare Routiere Place Dorciere, Geneve.

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